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Alarm System

Alarm System

Newtech can provide, and install a range of alarm Systems with additional security features to ensure that your home or workplace is safe and protected.

Protect your home with our advanced security alarm systems. You can go on a vacation happily without worrying about your home. Our systems can detect and report threats like Robbery, Breaking and Entering, Gas leakage and Fire. Alarming is done not only by loud sirens but also by self-reporting to your smart phones or Tablets.

Door Sensor: Can be used to secure doors, windows, cupboards, cabinets or any enclosure with doors

Remote Control: A compact and portable remote control to arm and disarm the alarm. It's designed to double up as a keychain

Additional Sensors to detect most threats: Can be paired with up to 40 additional sensors to detect motion, glass breakage and smoke. Large homes with multiple entry points can be secured using multiple portable alarm panels and multiple sensors.