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Boom Barrier

Boom Barrier

Newtech Media Solutions specialized in manufacturing a supreme quality range of Boom Barriers, Which are available in various versions. These products are used in various Industrial, Residential, Commercial as well as Household Sectors. Our products are also known as Electro Mechanical Boom Barriers, which is used for passages up to 4m. These products are available with Infra-Red Detectors, which is used to give Vehicle Counting. Important Applications with Boom Barriers include Parking Garages, Commercial Buildings, Apartments, Hospitals and Industries, Railway Crossings, Checkpoints etc.

Our products are having various salient features such as:

External Manual Unlock Device, which are easy usage, thus an Efficient Boom Barrier Supplier

Available in Stainless Steel Boom Barrier Version

Speed, Strength and soft stop/start that is adjustable for an always correct use of Boom Barrier as well as Performance.

Slowing down Set Up with the Boom Barrier to help of two limit Switches, which are Adjustable.