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Home Theatre

Home Theatre

Home Theatre Installation - Real Cinema Experience at your Home




Experience the new level of Home Cinema

Newtech Media Solutions is one of the South India's leading Home Entertainment Solution providers. We are luxury home cinema design and installation experts. Whether you are looking for a simple stereo setup or a full blown dedicated Home theatre, you can expect only the best from Newtech. Our customers get the best personal service and expert advice.

We offer the following solutions to improve your home experience:

Home theatres that can be integrated into an existing room or a dedicated home theatre room.

State-of-the-art technology (Dolby Full HD, True HD, Auro 3D,Dolby Atmos, DTS, Blu-ray 3D and THX Certified brands)

Raised platforms for back row seats.

Anamorphic high gained screen.(Fixed curved and silver screen)

Home theatre room acoustic treatment and sound proofing.

Recliner sofa, LED lights, Full HD or 4K 3D projectors etc.

Entertainment and Convenience

We know that you want a relaxing and comfortable environment. Every system we design has this in mind. We use the best of breed equipment and using our design skills, translate these individual pieces of equipment into state-of-the-art home entertainment zone. Even the most complicated system is made easy to use with our control systems.

The Audio Magic Experience

We want you to have a personalized experience and we hope to get to know you and understand your needs, dreams and aspirations. There is much more to us than just great products and solutions. We listen more than we talk. Newtech hopes to make your audio visual experience a happy one.


Newtech brings the power, performance and reliability to deliver the best entertainment over one, robust platform.

When we go to a traditional cinema theatre, we sit, relax and enjoy the movie without operating any of the equipments. Today, it's a big challenge to get the same viewer experience in home theater mainly due to the technically sophisticated Audio-Visual-Lighting systems and its bunch of remote controllers. Integrated home theatre automation enables you to create the exact replica of Theatre experience at your home by tap of a button on your tablet or mobile devices.

What if you could press a button to access your music, movies and photo albums rather than searching for titles everywhere? It takes just seconds to switch between your favorites and media sources like Blue-Ray, Media Player, TV Channels and Internet Video etc. Create perfect ambience for your theater with integrated lighting controls, window curtains etc. This is just a subset of user experiences and home theater automation can take you beyond your imagination.

Home theatre don't shuffle the remotes

Enjoy your show. Operating home theatre made easy.

Dim Lights and lower shades while projector starts

One click selection of Movies, Music and TV channels

Watch outside camera from same screen

Set perfect temperature inside theater with integrated climate control

How Do Acoustics Paneling Works?

When sound waves hit a solid surface, like a wall, they bounce back. In a large enclosed space this creates a reverberation or echo effect which is made worse the more solid surfaces there are for sound to bounce off - this is why places like concrete stairwells are particularly echo-prone.

What an acoustic panel does is to trap the sound waves and prevent them from echoing. It does this with a porous outer surface that allows the sound to penetrate and an inner core with foam or fiber that absorbs the sound. This works because the sound waves cause the inner core of the panel to vibrate, generating a small amount of heat. The net effect of this is to convert sound into heat which quickly dissipates, creating a quieter, more pleasant environment.